Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kobe Shops

i was in kobe on the weekend. just for a few hours. but i made the most of it. i got out that book from the last post. and found some shops to visit. my favorites being a pair of sister shops. they are both small. full of charcter. and styled just perfectly. just what i like.

the first is called rollo stock. and is the kind of shop i would love to own. they have a good mix of imported (and some japanese) fabric, trim and buttons. oh, i am in love. everything is just perfect. it was hard to stop spending my money.

here is the tape section. mostly imported from europe. oh, i am in love with all of it.

the second shop is around the corner. and was opened after the first shop got too busy. this shop is called rollo. and this shop has mostly antique buttons and beads. my gosh.

h-kun and i had a wonderful time looking at all the little treasures. in this busy little shop. and i found a few to bring home. well, a few more than a few. i hope to get back there again someday.

if you ever get down to kobe. make sure you stop by these shops. you will not be disappointed. to get there take the JR train to the motomachi station. you can find a map of how to get there on their website.