Saturday, May 16, 2009

Japanese craft shopping in Bangkok

I was recently in Bangkok and stumbled across several stores selling Japanese goodies. I thought I would share my sources, if you find yourself in that neck of the woods.

Bangkok has two Kinokuniya book stores. But only the branch inside the Isetan department store sells Japanese craft books and Magazines. This has taken me two trips to find this out. So don't bother checking out the branch in the Siam paragon unless your after english titles. The prices are higher than the Yen jacket prices . But still quite reasonable and nothing beats flicking through these gorgeous books in person. 

Kinokuniya (Inside Isetan)
2nd floor, Central world plaza
Bangkok (nearest BTS - chidlom)

Another great shop is Loft. This japanese store can be found in many cities across the globe. Lots of cute stationary and kawaii items. You will also find Blythe dolls and holga cameras here. 

3rd floor, Siam Discovery Center
Bangkok (nearest BTS - Siam)


You will find a Muji concept store within the Zen department store. Beautiful clothes and homewares with a simple, natural aesthetic. 

Inside the Zen department store, Central world plaza 
Bangkok (closest BTS chidlom)

Only the linen in the image below is Japanese. But the cottons which are manufactured in Thailand are lovely too. You will find a good selection of fabrics at the Fabric house. I stumbled onto this store when exiting Kinokuniya. The prices are extremely reasonable and the quality is superb. Cottons 85baht a metre and linen ranges from 375-295baht a metre.

The fabric house
2nd floor, Central world plaza
Bangkok (nearest BTS chidlom)


Carol & Eddy said...

Thanks for these addresses. Will definitely keep for future reference!

Nomaliza Azman said...

Hi, I live in Malaysia and Thailand is my neighbour...I haven't been to Bangkok just yet, but really like to know if you know where to buy buckles and those straps etc, to make bags in Bangkok? Wholesale price? Thanks you and really appreciate it...

Belinda said...

Nomaliza I didn't see any bag supplies. But if I was looking my first stop would be chinatown. Refer to the map linked to in the post. cheers.

Lia said...

ooo I love Kinokuniya...good thing we have 4 Kinokuniya bookstores in Jakarta :) and yes...I've been buying too many japanese craft books :). There's a shop in singapore where they sell buckles, straps, etc like those in Japanese craft books but they're a bit pricey. It's @ the only Bernina dealer in Singapore

Wini said...

Hi, love your blog and I enjoyed this Bangkok post. I visited Kinokuniya on a recent trip to KL, Malaysia. Its an awesome store...!!! I just found out that there is one in Sydney, Australia. So will definitely be heading there the next time I have an opportunity to visit Sydney.

Alison said...

I also came across a bookstore called Tokyodo which were in various shopping malls in Bangkok (Siam Paragon) - not nearly as big as Kinokuniya, but still a very good range of Japanese craft books! :)

Sachiko said...

Oh...I miss Japanese stores....! Your post made me wanna go shopping trip.

gini said...

waou!! great bLog thank you for aLL these infos!
taLk soON

Filipa said...

I LOVE THIS STORE! I saw it in Berlin! Very very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Joy on the Blog said...

There are Kinokuniya and Tokyodo Bookshops in Emporium Shopping Complex. Both are at 3rd fl. (BTS Prompong Station).
Another Branch of Loft is at Chamchuri Square (MRT - Samyarn).

Louise said...

I'm so jealous - we have no Japanese craft/food/anything shops near me.

Vanillaorchid said...

I'm Thai and used to live in Bangkok. I go there everytime I back to Thailand.

Koo and Poppet said...

Love the theme of your blog - so many wonderful resources!

thanks for visiting Koo & Poppet :)

britinbangkok said...

You're incorrect about Kinokuniya at Siam Paragon not selling craft books and magazines from Japan. They have tons of them. In fact, that's where I buy most of my Japanese craft books, so I'd say you were either looking in the wrong place or the staff told you something wrong. They have even more than the ones at Central World and Emporium.

Manda said...

I live in Bangkok and shop at Kunikuniya all the time. I love looking at all the Japanese craft books, even if I can't read the instructions.
Thanks for letting know about LOFT too. I've walked by it but never went in because, well I didn't know that it has what it has. Now I'm super excited and I'm going to try to get there ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I love the theme of your blog. I love Japan although my only relation to Japan is that I won a Ikebana competition in school.

I wish these were available in NY.
Until then I'll make do with feasting my eyes on all the lovely things. Thanks for sharing :)

sakshi said...

hi.. i am from india.. i have been to loft in bangkok many a times.. its a lovely store..
i plan to open a store in india selling kawaii stuff(similar to loft but smaller in scale)
i have never been to japan... can anyone guide where i can find cute stationary, scrapbooking supplies, and other accessories at reasonable prices..

las sandalias de ana said...

lovely tinhgs!! ;)

lopka said...

Waaah, so lucky of you to live in Bangkok!!