Tuesday, October 14, 2008

this is a great book. a great basic bag  book. with bags of various shapes and sizes. there are 34 projects. 34 great projects. 

i've been wanting to make this tote bag. forever. and i finally had a chance. thanks to my friend's birthday. i don't usually follow patterns. but decided to this time. and i am so glad i did. the bag turned out super cute. i even made the bias tape. crazy. i know. 

the pattern was easy to follow. and the diagrams with numbered steps was so helpful. since i don't read japanese. this was super helpful. it helps to have a bit of sewing experience though. for sure. 

this bag is next on my list. a super cute eco bag. i need to find some more free time. or wait until another friend's birthday though. dang it. 

you can find this bag. over in my little shop. if you are interested. 
isbn 978-4-415-10656-4


billie said...

Very cute and I like the bias tape touch. I'll have to look for this book next time I'm at Mitsuwa.

Liz said...

hey, just ofund your blog and love it. I am wanting to know what the handles of the bag you made are out of? Thank you.

Screamin' Mama said...

I love all things Japanese. Their bags are so fashionable and I love they are handmade.

davis. said...

where can I get that bag book?

Han said...

Wow, your blog is really awesome!!! I left Japan a few months ago and I'm really missing it now, all the little things...
I also fell in love with those bags you posted ♥ Do you mind me asking, do you know how I can get that book??