Saturday, April 18, 2009

i will be closing down my little shop of japanese goodness. next tuesday. because i am leaving japan. moving back to canada. with my japanese fella. i will miss country. and culture. immensely. if you are interested in a bit of japanese culture ... wander over to my blog: . i have been posting about things i love and will miss from japan. from a to z.  


Chi said...

oh! i was only in japan for two weeks and was so sad when i left. i'm currently reading my way through your other blog - what an amazing place.

hope the move goes smoothly. :)

Sachiko said...

Oh, no! I was enjoying your blog. I am sad to hear that you are not doing the Japan craft journal anymore. I am hopefull that you will start a Canada Craft Journal.:) Good luck with your move!

Tracy said...


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~ Kim ~ said...

oh so sad. It's a fabulous shop. All the best in your future Leslie.

Lia said...

oo that's not good :( I love your shop

Snøstorm said...

I really love your blog. :) have to read some more. I love japanese craft magazines, but they are kind of hard to get by here in Norway. :/