Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just our thing

Jennifer over at Moving Hands has just posted about a book she picked up at her local library in Tokyo.

The book is a guide to all the crafty stores to be found around Tokyo. What a lovely idea. It looks like it's all in Japanese, which might not help most of us, but the pictures look enticing nonetheless.

Now I'd love a local library where Japanese craft books were available in abundance to borrow.


Corrie said...

oh lovely! When we were there i'd just take my cotton time down with the shop name (all in japanese) and get the front desk/concierge to translate and give me directions!

oh imagine if we could just pop down and borrow japanese craft books! wouldn't that be lovely!


Raptor Plateado said...

I love Tokio!!!

life in yonder said...

what an excelent idea Corrie! I want that book! :-)

Peter said...

Lovely Crafts from Japan! Some of them look like david swensen origianls! Amazing. I love the site so much. Go TOKYO!

garcia.sol said...

I love books like these! I just discovered one for New Zealand where I live, and Crafty Girls Road Trip! Looks like you'll need to take a Tokyo road trip and travel around :)