Sunday, August 17, 2008

traditional tie-dyed fabric.

this last weekend h-kun and i visited arimatsu. a town near nagoya. where shibori originated. the traditional technique used to tie-dye fabric. started 400 years ago and is still carried on today.
the fabric is used for kimono. yukata. and many modern day items such as cloths, placemats, scarves, etc. and there are over 100 patterns.
to get to arimatsu take the meitetsu line from nagoya station to arimatsu. it takes about 30 minutes. you can pick up a map of the area at most of the local shops. near the station is a street that is lined with shibori shops as well as the above building. which has an english video explaining the history of shibori and various techniques. there are also a couple of women demonstrating the hand tying there. and if you speak a little japanese then you will be entertained as well.
the craft is carried out mostly by older women. who are full of patience. it's simply amazing. amazing. it will take them 4 to 6 months to finish a piece of cloth for one kimono. patience. and consistency. the whole process is a wonderful one. full of tradition. passed down from generation to generation.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh wow .... what a great thing to see. gorgeous pix also.

Olivia-P said...

thanks for this wonderful post, amazing

seashoreknits said...

yep - this is just the kind of stuff i was hoping to see on this new blog - i loved the photos, the story, the lesson on shibori - thank you so much, leslie! it is all so beautiful and makes me want to see more.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Looks just lovely. I'll have to visit there before I leave.