Saturday, September 20, 2008

sashiko - part 1

Sashiko embroidery is essentially a running stitch with a proportion of 3:2 with the largest stitch showing on the right side. Over the next few posts I will be sharing some of my books on the subject showcasing both traditional and contemporary patterns.

This particular book is published by Ondori ISBN 978-277-31159-5

It has quite a clear 'how to' showing you both technique, the materials you will need and how to trace the patterns onto your cloth.

There are full page patterns of the more traditional patterns ready for you to trace.

As well as instructions for projects that you can make using your embroidered cloth, such as coasters, napkins and book covers.

Tote bags and sweet clutch purses.

As well as Zipper box shaped pouches and drawstring bags.


caroline said...

Crikey, my Christmas wish list is going to be more like a shop!
STOP with the lovliness!!!!


mecamo said...

Thanks for sharing!
I have start Sashiko just few weeks ago. And now I got more good ideas :-)
Can't wait to read more :-)

greetinxxx ME

Liesl said...

Thanks for the comment on Oliver + S. Good to get to know you! Lovely blog.

sally said...

Hi Kristine, I love this blog. Our Corgi is almost 4 - this winter. He is the BEST dog ever. He plays with both of the kids so wonderfully. Soon I hope to add a girl to the mix.

pretty essential said...

I really love the look of this embroidery - so simple but very effective. Thanks for the info about the book.

handmaiden said...

Hi, just found yr blog thru Tutti Frutti, and do alot of sashiko stitching. lucky to have a husband who travels to Japan and we live in singapore. have u on my blogroll now and will check out more

sugar_150 said...

How hard are the instructions for the non-Japanese reader? Would I be able to make it out? I would really like to get this book off of amazon, Japan.