Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dressmaking patterns

Has anyone seen these patterns? I spied these at a few shops in Nippori's fabric street, including Tomato. The images and styling were very cute. The patterns were for fairly basic children's garments so would be ideal for beginners.

If anyone knows whether you can buy them online, please drop us a line at Japan Craft Journal? It would be a great resource to share. I think I recognised one of the images from a craft book. Maybe they are related.

Update: An anonymous blog reader has very kindly left a link to the site for these patterns. Thank you, whoever you are!


Anonymous said...

MPL's official site

Those patterns for children are published by Sun planning.
Sun planning is a subsidiary company of Janome.

R.M. said...

I am so very happy to have found your blog! Will be back very soon, oh yay! Hope you don't mind I am linking you ^_^

arun said...

Unfortunatelly MPL is not selling these patterns by their webshop, but some shops at Rakuten, craftmax, as well as Yahoo, do.

These Rakuten shops do international shipping (the pages are in Japanese only, though...)
Goto (Kids)
Hideki (Kids)
Hideki (Ladies)

Heather said...

I would love to order these patterns, but cannot figure out how to do so, since I cannot understand the links on these (Goto and Hideki) pages. Any tips?

arun said...

Heather, if you want to use credit card for payment at Rakuten, the shopping guide is here, for using paypal,
the guide is here. Basically Rakuten is asking you to browse the pages in Japanese pages via Google translation tool, for example, to browse Goto's, click here.

Marianne said...

I usually get my Japanese craft books at the ebay store below andI asked whether they could get hold of the patterns. They got back to me today and said they can list the patterns in a few days :)

Marianne said...

The patterns are now on sale on ebay at the above link :)

~ Kim ~ said...

I've also seen some of these on etsy by seller pomadour24.